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Open Fire Grilling & BBQ Tools

Everybody likes to "cook out", whether its cooking in the back yard over charcoal, in the backwoods over a crackling campfire, or even in the living room fireplace on a cold winter evening. No matter how you go about it, you need the proper tools to prepare your open fire treats. And you need the right tools to keep your grill clean and ready for the next time, too.

We carry a variety of affordable grilling tools and accessories that are just right for charcoal grills, gas grills, campfire cooking, and meals prepared in a fireplace. From tongs and forks to grill scrubbers and even the grills themselves, we offer a full line of rugged and durable products from manufacturers who build things that are made to last.

Wood Handle BBQ Tongs
These handy BBQ tongs are chrome plated steel with hardwood handles. A must have for hot dogs, steaks, chicken, and potatoes cooked on the grill or over a campfire. The extra long 16" overall lenghth makes them a great tool for cooking safely over most any open fire.
BBQ Tongs ~ $4.95

Wooden Handle BBQ Fork
This chrome plated fork features a wooden handle to keep your hand cool when working with hot foods. This extra long 17" utensil is designed to help you cook safely over a campfire, fireplace, or even the barbecue grill. Hang it with the leather strap on the end of the handle for easy access while cooking or for storage while not in use.
BBQ Fork ~ $4.95

Wood Handle BBQ Spatula
For flipping burgers, steaks, fish, or whatever else you're cooking up on the grill, you need a good spatula to help you the job done. The overall 16.5" length includes an 8" hardwood handle for safety and comfort. Features a leather strap for hanging on the grill while cooking or for easy storage while not in use.
BBQ Spatula ~ $4.95

3 Piece BBQ Tool Set
The serious open fire chef will want this combination set of all three grilling tools featured above. It includes the tongs, fork, and spatula to help you get through any grilling event with ease. And you'll save money when you purchase the entire set together!
BBQ Tool Set ~ $12.95

Wooden Handle BBQ Basting Brush
If you use a sauce to enhance the flavor of your grilled meats, you know how important it is to have the right basting brush. The sturdy natural bristles of this brush spread your favorite sauces quickly while its long 15" natural wood handle keeps your hand at a safe distance from the flames.
BBQ Basting Brush ~ $5.95

Combination Tong & Spatula Tool
Sometimes it is difficult to grasp that burger or steak with a pair of tongs, and the meat tends to want to slide right off of an open spatula. The solution? This handy spatula/tong combination tool is just the thing to use when you want a secure grasp on your foods while grilling. The chrome plated steel is rugged and sturdy and features a vinyl coating on the handles for a comfortablee grip.
Spat/Tong Combo ~ $7.95

BBQ / Oven Mitt
Don't risk a serious burn by trying to handle hot pans and utensils without the proper gear. This BBQ/oven mitt provides ample protection for most cooking needs and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Comes in a silver matte finish fabric with quilted detail. Flexible fit design is suitable for left or right hand, so play it safe and buy two and have one for each hand.
BBQ/Oven Mitt ~ $8.95

3 in 1 Scraper / Scrubber / Brush
This tool features three valuable grill cleaning aids in one handy, compact unit. Constructed of a durable plastic frame, the 3 in 1 cleaner has a full sized brush with stainless steel bristles on one side, with a sturdy stainless steel scraping blade at the top. The bottom of the brush features a heavy-duty thick grill scrubbing pad to smooth and polish the grate bars of your grilling surface. Comfortable to hold while using and easy to store when not in use, this is a must-have tool for grills of all types and sizes!
3 in 1 Grill Cleaner ~ $4.95


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