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Whether you are gathered around an open campfire with your camping buddies in the great outdoors or perhaps spending an cold winter's evening with the family in front of a crackling fireplace, it's for certain that someone is going to suggest roasting some hot dogs or marshmallows. Check out our wide selection of weenie roasting and marshmallow toasting forks, and we're sure you'll find just the right kind of fork for whatever type of food you're preparing for or fire you're cooking over.

Wooden Marshmallow Roasting Sticks ~ 4 Pack
Here's a simple design for an all-time favorite campfire treat thats cheap enough to throw away yet sturdy enough to wash and re-use. Whether you're making s'mores or just love the taste of toasted marshmallows, these handy hardwood marshmallow roasting sticks are perfect for the job. Each pack contains four ready to use sticks that are clean and safe, with no poison ivy, cuts, or hurt feelings! Sticks are 32" long and 100% biodegradable.
4 Marshmallow Sticks
(Single Pack) $4.95
8 Marshmallow Sticks
(Two Packs) $7.95
24 Marshmallow Sticks
(Six Packs) $19.95
48 Marshmallow Sticks
(1 Dozen Packs) $34.95

Old Mountain Bonfire Length Hot Dog & Brat Fork
This classic 41" Bonfire Hot Dog & Brat Fork from Old Mountain is made up of chromed steel construction with a comfortable hardwood "safety-grip" handle and leather hanging strap. Excellent roasting fork for large camp fires, bonfires, or for an indoor "campfire" evening with the family in front of the fireplace. Each jumbo bonfire fork will hold as many as six hot dogs or four brats at once, while keeping the user well at a safe and enjoyable distance from the heat and flames.

Bonfire Fork
(Single) $6.95
Bonfire Fork
(Twin Pack) $11.95
Bonfire Fork
(Six Pack) $24.95
ON SALE! $19.95
Bonfire Fork
(Dozen Pack) $39.95
ON SALE! $29.95

Safe-T Fork With Inverted Tines
If you have kids around an open fire, your going to have fun, and your going to end up having a weenie roast before it's all said and done. This workhorse of a fork has reversed tines to prevent poking and for safer storing. This large fork can cook up to 6 hot dogs or four brats at once! This 41" (overall length) fork features sturdy chrome plated steel with a 9" wooden handle. The inverted tines also keep the hot dogs from falling into the ash, too!

Safe-T Fork With Inverted Tines For Safety

Safe-T Fork
(Single) $7.95
Safe-T Fork
(Twin Pack) $14.95
Safe-T Fork
(Six Pack) $34.95
Safe-T Fork
(Dozen Pack) $49.95

Wooden Handle Extension Fork
For marshmallow toasting this adjustable length fork extends from 20" to 30" to accomodate different usage situations. The shafts and tines are made of chrome-plated steel. The hardwood handle has a leather thong attached for hanging storage. Packs compact in backpack, suitcase or motorcycle trunk.

Rome Industries Extension Fork

Extension Fork
(Single Unit) $7.95
Extension Fork
(Twin Pack) $14.95
Extension Fork
(Six Pack) $34.95
Extension Fork
(Dozen Pack) $49.95

Hot Dog & Marshmallow Roasting / Toasting Forks ~ Four Pack
These popular 33" chrome wire forks come packaged four to a sleeve, and feature a comfortable coated handle. The color coding makes it easy for everyone to have their own fork to use for marshmallow toasting or hot dog roasting in the fireplace, backyard, or around the camp fire at the campground. Pack them in backpacks, suitcases, motorcycle trunks, picnic baskets, and other convenient places. These handy forks are also useful in emergency situations, and make excellent stocking stuffers too!

Roaster Toaster Hot Dog And Marshmallow Forks 4 Pack

Roaster Toaster Forks
(Single Pack) $9.95
Roaster Toaster Forks
(Two Packs) $17.95
Roaster Toaster Forks
(Six Packs) $44.95
Roaster Toaster Forks
(Dozen Packs) $69.95

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