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About Our Web Site Security

Shopping on the internet is fast, fun and easy to do. In addition to saving time, money, gasoline and energy, it offers the safety and convenience of being able to shop in the comfort and privacy of your home or office. But for someone who has never made a purchase online before, shopping on the internet can also be a scary and somewhat intimidating experience.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: You have the right to know about the company you are doing business with and to always feel secure in any environment, especially where your finances are involved. Feel free to write or call us anytime if you are experiencing problems with the order process or just want to get to know us better before you buy. You may also make purchases by telephone using our toll free number, if you aren't comfortable ordering on the internet.

Regarding Your Privacy And The Use Of "Cookies"
We understand your concerns regarding privacy, and have designed this policy as part of our strong commitment to your safety and satisfaction. Cookies are used on the site, but are only used to help customers access and track items in their shopping cart. A temporary "cookie" is sent to your computer, simply to identify you as you shop, and remember your merchandise selections should you leave our site and return later to finish shopping. Once your transaction is completed, the cookie is no longer needed and can be safely removed. If you clear the cookies on your computer before you complete your purchase, your shopping cart will be emptied and you will need to start over.

When placing an order through one of our sites, we may ask you to provide certain details about yourself. We do this in order to offer you a full range of information, products and services. To place an order, we will ask you to provide your name, email address and mailing address. When you order products, we will also need your billing and shipping information. This information should be as accurate as possible because we will use it for all contact, billing and shipping purposes.

Payment and Order Processing
Orders placed on this website are processed, packaged and shipped by Mid Ohio Marketing, which owns and operates the Fire Pie Trail Store website. Our offices and shipping facilities are located on the 7th floor of the Chase Bank Tower in downtown Mansfield, Ohio. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have when doing business with us.

Payments for purchases made on this site are processed through the trusted, professional services provided by PayPal. Once your order is placed, it is packaged and made ready to ship as soon as possible. In-stock orders received by noon often ship on the day they are received, but this is not guaranteed. In the event an item is out of stock, or the order is otherwise unshippable, we will notify you at once.

We want you to feel secure about shopping with us, and will not compromise your privacy or security in any way. Since we do not collect any personal information on our site (except what you may choose to e-mail to us), your online safety is never compromised, even if our site is attacked or hacked. Any information that we do receive from this site, by whatever means or for whatever reason, is kept confidential and used only for the purposes of conducting regular business transactions with our customers. Your personal information is not sold, rented, traded, or released to any other entities for any reason whatsoever. We hate junk mail, too!

Homeland Security Special Shipping Notice:
During times of heightened national security, the nature of the products we ship may cause your order to be delayed and opened for inspection. This is particularly true with pie irons, forks and other items that must be packed in long, narrow boxes. Because of the weight, density of metal content, and uneven weight distribution in some packages, it is understandable for these parcels to be considered suspicious. If your order takes a little longer than normal to reach you, or appears to have been opened in transit, don't be alarmed. Report any damage or excessive delays to us at once for investigation.

Are We Really A "Safe Site"?
Here's what a representative of the Safe Shopping Network told us in an unsolicited e-mail:


My name is Delisa. I have used the website testing technologies here at the Safe Shopping Network to test your site ( for security, usability and performance. The reason I did the test is because we are currently searching for sites with high scores to add to our very popular (over two million shoppers per month) directory of shopping websites tested to be the safest. Safe Shopping Network uses sophisticated testing technologies to test web sites for quality, security and usability. You will be pleased to know that your site scored quite well.

Thank You,

Delisa Foreman - Senior Acct Mgr
Safe Shopping Network Guide

This site is also tested quarterly by Security Metrics, a third party entity that we employ to perform a battery of vulnerablility tests every three months, checking for potential security threats and weaknesses in our shopping cart checkout procedures. We find as much comfort in knowing you are safe as you do. Click here to see the results of the most recent of these tests.

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