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Fire Tending Tools & Open Fire Accessories

Tools For The Campfire, Firepit, and Fireplace
Whether it is a summer's eve campfire or a winter's evening in front of the fireplace, nothing compares to the aroma and beauty of a crackling open fire. It is most important, however, to be equipped with the proper tools to help you maintain control of your fire. The rugged and useful tools found on this page will satisfy your open fire safety needs.

Our large assortment of fire-tending tools and open fire accessories will allow you to get the most enjoyment out of your campfire, bonfire, or firplace fire while providing you with the greatest measure of safety. From Wilcor's huge 28" heavy duty steel fire ring to kindling you need to get the fire built, these tools will help you handle even the hottest fires.



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ORCA Folding Shovel/Axe/Entrenching Tool
It chops. It saws. It Digs. It pulls nails. It even opens bottles! The ORCA Collapsible Shovel's design is based on the famous Russian combat shovel. It's a burly and functional cross between tool and weapon that belongs in every camper and survivalist's kit. The hardwood handle grips are securely fastened to solid steel handles that fold snugly around the blade to protect both it and the user while not in use. When the shovel is in the open position the handles lock together with a snug fitting steel-to-steel closure to work through dirt, clay, and ice. It can also be used as a throwing axe to help catch dinner or as a defense weapon against a wild animal attack. 10"L x 6-1/2"W flat blade. Includes heavy-duty carry pouch with belt loop. Limited supply available ~ get one while they last!
Folding Shovel ~ $39.95

Wood Handle Fire Poker
Anyone who has ever enjoyed an open fire knows that you have to have just the right stick to poke the fire and keep the coals stirred. Unfortunately, your "perfect" poking stick often times ends up becoming part of the fire. That won't happen with this heavy-duty Fire Tender Poker, made with a steel rod and cast iron tip and a hardwood handle, designed to withstand almost any kind of fire. The pointed tip lets you get into those tight spaces between and under your fire logs, and the barbed "hook" lets you grab and move burning embers safely and easily. Overall length of the poker is 36".

Fire Poker ~ $12.95


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Firetender's Log Tongs
Ever had a burning log roll off of your fire and had to figure out a way to get it back into the pile? Without the proper tool to do the job, you run the risk of serious injury as you try to salvage your fire. Take the worry out of getting burned and maintain complete control of your campfire logs with these deluxe scissor-style tongs that will let you grab and maniplulate even them with safety and ease. Feature comfortable hardwood handles and leather straps. Overall length of these fire tending tongs is 36".
Fire Tender Tongs ~ $17.95

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Fire Tending Leather Gloves
Even with the proper tools, fire safety is something we can't stress often enough. Our heavy-duty Fire Tender Leather Gloves will protect you from injury while attending to your campfire or fireplace fire. Made with red cowhide material, these gloves are great for use around the fire or grill, and will protect your hands, wrists and lower arms. Rugged and tough on the outside, they feature a cotton flannel lining inside the hand and palm for added comfort. A must have for anyone tending an open fire!
Leather Gloves ~ $12.95

Kindle Magic Campfire & Fireplace Starter
When you gotta have a fire, and you gotta have it now, then you gotta have Kindle Magic. This is our very own product and we make it right here in the USA. Our Campfire Starter Pouch is the fastest, safest, and easiest way ever to build a beautiful real wood burning fire. We use all natural ingredients to make Kindle Magic, and it is safe to use for cooking. Use it as a short-term stand-alone fire that will provide approximately five minutes of open flame, or use it as a base to build a larger fire using regular firewood. It's wind-resistant and waterproof, and will provide a real wood fire within a couple of minutes, even if it's raining!
4-Pack Pouches ~ $6.95

20-Pack Pouches ~ $19.95


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Rainbow Color Flame Crystals
A campfire is a beautiful thing just burning naturally. But, for some interesting camp fire fun, use these Flame Color Crystals to add a unique display of color. Just sprinkle some crystals on your campfire or in the fireplace and enjoy the dancing show of color! An awesome addition to song and story times and around the fire. 1 lb. can with shaker top.
Color Flame Crystals ~ $7.95


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